A body of the evidence on zinc suggests the mineral could have protective effects against COVID-19 by boosting anti-viral immunity and curbing inflammation.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, interest in dietary supplements to support the function of the immune system has intensified.

For decades, scientists have known that zinc can block the replication of rhinoviruses responsible for respiratory infections in people, including the common cold.

Higher levels of zinc in cells help block the reproduction of rhinoviruses and stimulate interferon alfa production. This signaling molecule prompts nearby cells to initiate their anti-viral defenses.

A lot of recent reviews has focused on the benefits of zinc against COVID-19. The findings suggest that zinc could have protective effects against COVID-19 by supporting anti-viral immunity

However, zinc does not enter into cells easily. ZIP proteins are needed to facilitate passing through cell membrane, and as it happens often these proteins may be in short supply in the body, thus leaving zinc useless.

That is why in ImmuniA we have put zinc in liposomal encapsulation that seamlessly introduces Zinc in to the to the cell, making it 100% used.

You can find the body of scientific research regarding Zinc and Covid-19 here.