High-dose selenium reduces ventilator-associated pneumonia and illness severity in critically ill patients with systemic inflammation

Effects of selenium supplement on acute lower respiratory tract infection caused by respiratory syncytial virus

Reduction of nosocomial pneumonia after major burns by trace element supplementation: aggregation of two randomised trials

Selenium replacement in patients with severe systemic inflammatory response syndrome improves clinical outcome

Deficiency of selenium in pneumonia: an accident or regularity? Problem of nutriciology and gastroenterology

Antioxidant reserve of the lungs and ventilator-associated pneumonia: A clinical trial of high dose selenium in critically ill patients

Selenium supplementation in critically ill patients: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Selenium Supplementation in the Critically Ill

The effect of parenteral selenium on outcomes of mechanically ventilated patients following sepsis: a prospective randomized clinical trial

The Effect of Selenium Therapy on Mortality in Patients With Sepsis Syndrome

The comparison of selenium status between the children suffered from pneumonia and the normal children from kindergarten

The influence of selenium on immune responses

Relationship between selenium, immunity and resistance against infection

Selenium: an essential element for immune function

Selenium and immune responses

Selenium, Selenoproteins, and Immunity

Supplementation with selenium and human immune cell functions

An increase in selenium intake improves immune function and poliovirus handling in adults with marginal selenium status

Selenium, systemic immune response syndrome, sepsis, and outcome in critically ill patients

Selenium and immune function

Selenium and immune functions in humans

Effects of selenium on immunity and aging

The effects of dietary selenium on the immune system in healthy men

Regulation of cellular immune responses by selenium

Selenium and cellular immunity

The importance of selenium to human health

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