3 bottles

90 softgel capsules of 500mg in a single bottle.

Supplement facts per one 500mg softgel capsule:
Thymoquinone – 25mg*
Artemisinin – 100mg*
Triptolide – 10mg*
Celastrol – 30mg*
Cucurbitacins – 50mg*
Alpha Mangostin – 25mg*
Garcinol – 20mg*
Withaferin A – 50mg*
*RDA not established
Other components: gelatin (Carrageenan), soy lecithin, glycerin, water

Recommended usage: 1-3 capsules, twice a day


Frequently Asked Questions

After extensive research based on over 2000 scientific papers, we reached the conclusion that these 8 ingredients would be the perfect combination that covers most cancer types. These are powerful natural extracts that cannot usually be found at your farmers market or grocery store.
Because our nano-liposomal formula is much more potent and absorbable than most supplements, we suggest you start with the lowest dose, while monitoring for any possible side effect. The suggested dose is 1 softgel 2 times a day, with or without a meal. However, you can safely triple the amount and take 3 softgels 2 times a day (6 total per day) for maximum effect.
Because each individual is different, we recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before taking any supplement.
– Do not take if pregnant or nursing.
– Do not take if you are about to undergo surgery.
– May lower blood sugar. If diabetic please monitor your blood sugar levels.
– May act as a blood thinner. Might increase the risk of-bleeding in people with bleeding disorders.
– May act as a mild sedative and cause sleepiness. If taking anti-depressants, or have a sleeping disorder exercise caution.
– May lower blood pressure. If you have low blood pressure or are taking blood pressure or heart medicine consult your physician.