Why we choose tо implement such expensive new technology into our product?
Short answer: “It has better performance even then IV” – Dr. Thomas E. Levy
Long answer: Watch this video

Most  supplements come in either pill, capsule, powder, or liquid form. Unfortunately regardless of what form they come in, absorption is limited at best. Even with a perfect digestive system, the body can only absorb a small percentage of it through the stomach.
IV nutrition is instantly effective as it gets it straight into the blood stream but the drawback is the inconvenience and how often you’d have to get an IV hooked up. And oh, it can be quite expensive to administer IV several times a week!
Liposomal encapsulation is the best of both worlds. No messy IV and no ineffective absorption. When you ingest a liposomal nutrient, these lipid encapsulated molecules with your favorite nutrient in the middle, actually bypasses the harsh environment of the stomach, through the stomach lining and delivers the goods directly into the boold stream and into the cellular level. Absorption is upwards of 90%+ rather than 10%.
For nutrients where you need a good quantity of, when you ingest regular supplements you would first need a lot of it over a period of time to increase the blood serum level, and then the other problem is that your body may have a bowel tolerance issue where once it hits a limit you’d have diarrhea. This prevent you from ever getting enough of your desired nutrient into your system.
With liposomal, you are able to get a lot more quantity of a particular nutrient into the blood stream, and cellular level where they need to be in order to make any difference. Vitamin C and curcumin are examples of powerful nutrients that can do great things if enough can get into the blood and cellular level. Liposomal delivery is especially critical to get a good amount these two nutrients into the body and to sustain a good level.
So yes, if you are serious about getting a good amount of a particular nutrient into your body to do its job, there is no better way than liposomal way.