Because we use breakthrough nano-liposomal technology. Administered intravenously, medication’s bioavailability (the fraction of an administered dose of unchanged drug that reaches the cells) is 100%. However, administered orally, it decreases to 5%, even as low as 1%.
There are several factors that play a role in limiting the bioavailability: solubility of the compound, gastric and colon pH, metabolism by gut microflora, absorption across the intestinal wall, active efflux mechanism in the intestine, the liver first-pass metabolism effect and elimination from circulation.
ReVitt A ingredients are structured down to nano particles surrounded with 26 nm sized lipospheres that protects them from negative bioavailability factors, making them available for direct absorption to the cells.
The extended circulation lifetime of ReVitt A is achieved by the use of liposomes, delivering their curative payload directly to cells, thus making ReVitt A very efficient.
ReVitt A is the only 100% nano-liposomal anti-cancer herbal supplement that contains 8 herbs. Suitable for all cancers.